Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Today I went to the library. I went in for How the Irish Became White, Fast Food Nation and Let's Talk Hair, and came out with HTIBW, Fast Food Nation, Tenderheaded, Roots, a collection of contemporary black poetry, and a book on natural hair care. I was trying to be good, but then I walked into the black section by mistake.

Some people may complain, but the library serves the community, and if the community has a lot of black history projects or wants to learn how to braid hair, the library should follow that. Many people ignore what a great resource the library is.

For no money, you can get the works of the world. Richard Wright educated himself on a library card, for heaven's sake. Some people say they don't have time to read books, but that is usually bologna, since they tend to have time to watch a million self hate promoting sitcoms, yet can't read a book about how to love your self and keep your money in your pocket.

I'm not the type who thinks that serious mental illness can be snapped out of by magic or that positive thinking will suddenly make you hot or something, but dude, if you make time for it, it's certainly important to you, eh?

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