Thursday, July 10, 2003

Whining rocks. I am surely in favor of whining. However, I don't think I like bitching. I think the difference is that whining is about something that deep down in your soul, pisses in your cornflakes, and licks all the frosting off your cookies. Bitching is about stuff that doesn't really bother you. Noone is really deep down in their soul cheesed off because folks want them to not rip them off.

That said, I want to whine about something. My cousin's little baby goes to daycare, and they decided to put perm in her head! Perm in a three year old's head,and the baby already has sores in her head. Not to mention little kids scratch where it itches and when their heads itch, they scratch. So they decided to do something extremely painful AND unneeded Baby is all broke out, it's a wonder she hasn't lost all her hair, what with that mess on it. If grown women want to mutilate themselves, it's fine and good, but you better leave other folk children alone.

If I have a kid, he or she will have natural hair unless they come to me and are like mama, I want a perm, and only if they were over the age of eleven. Folks shouldn't be sued, they should be whupped.

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