Monday, July 28, 2003

I am adding to my cheer up box. I have birthday cards in there from my latest birthday, as I like to think about people writing me to wish me good things, I have the Essential Tao, as I like to read things I don't understand , I have It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, as Fulghum is sweet without being too sappy, I have two stress balls, one light bulb shaped and one a giant, soft golf ball. They help me get my frustration out.

I have an essay about the documentary, Mr. Death, that I did last semester, because my film teacher wrote that I had a gift for film analysis on it. A blue ribbon from 1996 is also there, commending me for getting first place novice long jumping. The novices are all the people on the team who can't run. However, it takes more spirit to run when you're slow than it does to run when you are fast, and noone ever heckles your performance. a note pad and pen to record things, and the Art Book, which is one of my favorites. I hear there is a big coffee table size, but I like the little pocket one, which reminds us all of how awesome art is.

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