Thursday, July 31, 2003

Black churches, and the need for integration

I can see why this is stupid, and why this is a good idea. Black churches seem to be stuck in the seperate but equal era, and this doesn't bode well for young kids to learn much about the diversity of the world they live in if every space they inhabit is all black. I remember that once when I was a child, an old gaunt white man came to church. Everyone was excited because it had never happened before. He sat quietly, showed us pictures of his biracial grandkids. We never saw him again.

Bitchy Buisness

I wonder if the massive hard times that hit the independant comics industry has also affected small magazines. Bitch! needs your help, and I think I'll be subscribing also. No need for a good magazine to go out of buisness because it doesn't have ten tips to thin thighs.

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