Saturday, July 19, 2003

I am feeling a bit more interested in things lately. I have started listening to the radio- 107.4 (the pig) is my favorite so far. It just has a lot of different music, and old music to boot. I don't know why but I like old music. It's a whole different sort of energy from much of the newer music that is played.

Speaking of a different energy, I wonder what it is about illness that makes people want to take you out to restaurants. My brother took me to a Vietnamese restaurant Wed, my mom and dad took me out to Pete and Sam's on Thursday, and I went with my mother and my brother to the One Love Vegan Restaurant and Juice Bar on Friday.

I was insufferably suburban and asked for a Sprite, from the waiter, although white, who was wearing the African headdress that is apparently the uniform in the restaurant. I must admit the portobella mushroom sandwich was good, and my mom and brother enjoyed their soul food platters- kale greens, cornbread, yams, and black peas and rice.

The owner was a heavy set black woman in African garb, with nice twists in her hair. She apparently knew my brother and was really friendly. Outside, the young sons of an earring vendor with a beautifully shaved head played outside and made my mother nervous.

It seems that cities have such a different energy from suburbs. Cities have that nice energy of crowds, of vibrant diversity, but suburbs don't have much energy. Maybe just a quiet buzzing, but not as much as the vibrant energy of the city. I don't know why though.

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