Friday, July 04, 2003

A warm and fuzzy view of the Iraq war. Happy July 4th! However, I am pretty annoyed at my lack of fabric cutting skills. I'd like a headband, but one that is cut straight. Although, when I was a child, and took the assessment for kindergarten, I couldn't cut paper, although I could read the instructions. However, I don't seem to be able to get anything straight.

When I draw, my lines are never straight or clean, the way that some people can make them. When I write, my letters are always chickenscracth, and noone can read them. Even with much practice, my hands are never steady. I think my hands have gotten even more unsteady. I used to draw with a very thick line, pressing down very hard, but now I draw more sketch like, with lots of little lines. Both are terrible ways to draw, though. It seems annoying to not have any hidden talents or anything, or any dazzling people skills.

Being a regular jane without the benefit of the average person's charm seems like a big impediment to my future. I'd like to not live in a cardboard box, but it seems that I'll end up that way.

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