Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This is a good reminder for those of us who enjoy good movies to watch them in the movie theater instead of on DVD. Good movies are a lot harder to see. You must go alone, as your pals who only listen to BIG media hype, haven't heard of it, and they can't possibly see a movie that hasn't be hyped all over the airwaves for months.

Also, a personal problem is transportation. In Memphis, the only art house is in the center of downtown. Sometimes good films (like Bend It Like Beckham) appear in other theaters, but that is more rare. In Atlanta, I am frightened of getting lost on public transportation, as I don't know the city. Yes, I don't know the city. How shocking.

Anyway, DVD is just so convienant. You can watch the movie alone, in pirvacy, not have to drive anywhere, and watch the movie over and over, which is what I usually want to do with those arty type films. Then again, my definition of an arty film is any film that actually have chracters and a plot.

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