Saturday, February 15, 2003

Yesterday, I saw Daredevil. It wasn�t so bad. Spoilers from here on out. What�s with Electra�s lack of clothing? I know we need T&A, but couldn�t they have covered her back? Having your back open just screams WEAK POINT to even untrained people like me! Not to mention, seeing her backbone is disconcerting. I know that anorexia is the look de jour in Hollywood, but surely, I don�t need to be able to count every single vertebra, you know? Also, how did the police know they were fighting on the roof? It�s one thing for the priest to call the police, but really, what police force sends a helicopter on such a call? I did like the sonar images of what Daredevil �saw� through his hearing, and some of the action sequences were ok. It was what it was, and I�m not cursing the $6 I paid to see it.

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