Sunday, October 23, 2005

Neiwart has a good post on the Toledo riots, with pictures. Warning: some offensive content. There are pictures of Nazis waving offensive flags. One thing I've always wondered is why they couldn't just make the Nazis march someplace else. Angry White Kid posted two times on this topic, so look at his view. I'm a bit torn there. On one hand, rioting is bad, on the other, it's not like they couldn't have predicted that people would riot, so can we really be like OMG, RIOTING?! I don't know how to feel. I want to say well, rioting will give blacks a bad image, but is that really fair? In Europe sometimes there are riots over soccer games, but I don't run around thinking "Man, those Europeans are so violent! Rioting in the streets! *clutches pearls*" If we have to say that, why don't we ask why Nazis don't give whites a bad image? I mean, it's probably the same percentage that riot in the street and that go to Nazi marches.

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