Saturday, October 15, 2005

Is being an unemployed loser who begs for money on the internet a bad idea? Maybe, but I can't complain too much. I mean, I bitch because it costs 9.40 to buy 2 pounds of potatoes(Yukon Gold), a squash, two tomatoes(one red, one green), a pound of apple sauce, split pea soup mix, and gum. If begging on the internet could give me $10 to pay for that, I'd go for it. I also have a website solely devoted in getting people to give money to me. I say in my defense that the buttons are really quirky, and the jewelry is fun to wear. This guy seems to be at least providing a service for his loserdom, and providing services, no matter how silly, for money is one of the backbones of capitalism. Even if he wasn't, no one makes people give money to those sorts of sites. Yes, I think it'd be better to give money to charity, but who am I fooling? I just spent $34 on jewelry supplies. Do I think that's helping anyone but me(and maybe some large corporations and of course, the people I bring sunshine and love to through my creative, unique jewelry)? No. We all spend money on stupid stuff, and so I can't really complain if someone else gives money to strangers on the internet.

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