Sunday, October 30, 2005

I hate everybody and wish they were all dead. Why am I in a bad mood? Because my lab partner is being a prat. Our TA said that we could have pre task questionnaires that supplemented for the various problems in our surveys. The survey we have doesn't have enough data points on extracurricular activities that a large portion of the student population can do or leadership at all. It asks questions like "did you try out for an athletic team". That's well and good, but what if athletic people have some other confounding factor? Most people aren't on sports teams or the school newspaper. There are so many other clubs! Also, I'd like to be able to have proxies for class and leadership, and won't be able to because my partner decided to not use my pre task questionaire because he doesn't know that subject variables and independent variables can overlap. And the kicker is that he actually spent time fucking me over just to be a jerk.

I also forgot what time the networking dinner is, and have lost the phone number. I trapped my hand in a door. Yesterday I kicked over a table at some lady's house, with my clumsy drunken self. Basically, it's been the worst day ever, except for the day before yesterday in which I think I had the worst day that a person in a western civilization can have without starving to death or being raped or mugged. Yes, I admit that it might not be as bad as the time that some asshole sprayed my grandma's neighborhood with bullets and killed a young pregnant mom and injured my mom's tenant,but I sure feel like shit.

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