Friday, April 02, 2010

Young people wise up to the fact that working your ass to the bone is not going to get them any rewards Of course, 18 year olds working at a pizza place are not going to be the touchstone of responsibility, but older millennials like myself are pretty sensible about work-life balance. We don't live in a bubble, and we've seen how companies have treated older people. If a company can lay off a person with 20 years of 60 hour weeks just like that, what are they going to do to someone who has been on the job a year?

And who makes the decisions in the workplace? Is a woman or a man taking some time to say, actually spend time with their children a bad worker or just a good human being? People who work to live instead of living to work might be able to bring innovation and new thinking into the workplace. Do we really need to have three hour meeting every Friday? Can some tasks be streamlined?

Instead of worrying about our 'moral character', let's be pragmatic and make life livable for everyone.

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