Thursday, April 01, 2010

Adulthood hits fun feminists with a bang. The sadness of adulthood[a state of mind, not an age, although with age adulthood often follows] is realizing that you're not alone and special in society, but instead you're informed and changed by society. You start to realize that sadly, people are in fact, just looking at your ass, not your amazing feminist ideals, and that's not actually a compliment. The actual reason why fun feminism is so popular in commercial culture is because it doesn't actually require change. It's pretty similar to the reason why 'complaining about the family structure of other people' has become pretty much the only political activism we see here in the south, except for 'bitching about taxes'.

Of course, fun feminism is at least well meant, while acting like all social ills would be solved if only those single mothers would get married corrodes society by blaming women who didn't do anything wrong, and isn't helpful at all, because the single mothers aren't married for perfectly good reasons[child's father is an ass, abusive, etc]. And bitching about taxes drains money from common goods, which makes every thing worse for everybody, except for a few.

These folks mean well, but the awareness model isn't going to push this crap back. Partying against sex trafficking is like playing video games against sex trafficking fun and all, but unless we attack the poverty, lack of options and the idea that women's bodies are worthless playgrounds for the sexual appetites of people who need to be ashamed of themselves, nothing will change.

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