Friday, April 23, 2010

What is this shit? Not only is it fatphobic[a perfectly attractive fat woman is apparently a 'lower number'. and what's with this combs break on my hair nonsense? You busting on our hair texture, dude?], ok, ok, reading further, this shit is complete patriarchy filled nonsense! A respectful attitude, my ass! Where are the quizzes to show if a black man is marriageable? What's with the assumption that if you were worthy, you'd be 'wifed up'? And what's with this old fashioned christmas cake ass, OMG, you're over 30 that's a strike, mess?

Where are the posts telling black men to step up and support their kids, instead of treating having a kid as a strike against a woman? What are the posts telling black men that domestic violence makes you unmarriageable?[it's certainly a factor in the break up of many relationships] Shit, where are the posts telling men to get to the gym? This whole thing is such a bunch of sexist twaddle!

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