Sunday, April 11, 2010

We've been hearing about racial resentment. But what is it? I've prepared a useful and somewhat humorous quiz with examples ripped from real life about how white folks can tell if they are racially resentful or not.

1)You can't get a job in your chosen field. What do you think causes this?

A)I don't have enough experience/education.
B)There's a bad economy and people are reluctant to hire.
C)I don't interview well.
D)Minorities took all the jobs because of preferential hiring!

2)You don't get into your first choice college. What do you think?

A)If only I had better scores/more extracurriculars!
B)Overachievers took all the spots! If only I had did more work and smoked less pot.
C)Maybe I shouldn't have applied to Harvard. Oh well, off to Southwest Community College!
D)Minorities took all the spots!

3)You're in college, and you see a group of people of color at a table. Maybe they are black, maybe it's a table of South Asians. What do you think/do?

A)That lunch looks really gross. What slop are they feeding us?
B)Hey, I think that girl is in my English 101 class!
C)They look like they are having fun.
D)Time to write an editorial about how self segregation is ripping our campus apart.

4)You see a flyer for an NAACP meeting. What do you think?

A)You think about attending.
B)You think that you're really hungry and need some dinner.
C)You think about going to a meeting of whatever your preferred political group is.
D)You think about how if there was a NAAWP everyone'd call it racist,blah,blah.

5)A local school bans confederate flags on campus. What do you think?

A)Who carries Confederate flags anyway?
B)Schools have rules for a reason.
C)Eh, whatever. Only racists and idiots wear those anyway.
D)How dare they discriminate against white Southerners! They let blacks wear FUBU!

6)You hear a foreign language in the library. What do you think?

A)There's a lot of diversity in our area.
B)You wonder if you can learn another language.
C)You try to see if you can understand what they are saying.
D)You complain to the librarian and anyone in earshot about how in America you should speak English.

7)You read a news story about a crime in your area, committed by a person of color. What do you think?

A)What a terrible crime!
B)I feel sorry for the victims!
C)Maybe our criminal justice system is inequitable.
D)If it wasn't for all that welfare we give them, they'd have two parent families, and there wouldn't be any crime!

8)You have to pay taxes to the gov't. What do you think?

A)Well, death and taxes...
B)Ergh, maybe I should have tried to get more deductions...
C)We spend too much money on our war machine. Peace now, man.
D)I hate all those folks living off my tax dollars, while they are all popping out ten babies, etc,etc.

9)You see a woman of color with several children, buying food you disapprove of in the super market. What do you think?

A)Well, to each her own...
B)If only people knew about my superior food choices!
C)You think about the times you have made food choices others disapprove of.
D)You stew about how she's using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to eat food you don't approve of, and has too many kids besides.

10)A political figure is called out for saying something racist.What do you think?

A)How embarrassing. I hope people don't think all white folks talk like that.
B)What a dumbass.
C)Politicians are always saying something dumb.
D)If you reversed the races, it would be just fine! Everyone's always talking bad about white folks.

If you picked mostly Ds, you're probably racially resentful. Congrats! Yes, I realize this is a very middle class biased quiz.

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