Friday, April 02, 2010

Weaksauce from Broadsheet. Whenever we criticize 'art' whether it be pornos, reality tv or video games, we are performing moral and political criticism on fantasy lives. I adore Final Fantasy 13, but I acknowledge that part of my enjoyment is the fantasy of running around hitting people and strange machines with swords with no consequences besides possible world saving. That's a fantasy- part of a fantasy life. But people rightfully criticize Final Fantasy 13. They might say "There should be more people of color in games like this" or "I think the enshrinement of violence in video games is bad for our society".

And we even do criticize 'romance'. The reason why romance novels have moved away from the rapey rapey model apparenty is that people started critizing and saying "really, I don't think she'd fall in love with her rapist. I think she'd actually be quite upset!". I myself love manga, but even though every manga starts as an author's daydream, it doesn't stay that way. So that means that I don't have to refrain from"What? Did a little rape and the love of a good woman just redeem that hottie? Screw that!" No, saying that is what moves our culture forward. The first person to call bullshit is the first person to create a new era.

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