Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some children get into a fight at school. People make a whole lot of unnesscary comments that aren't helping in the least. No one's going to execute children for fighting, so that suggesstion is useless. Homeschooling isn't a viaable option for many mothers, so that's out. And the kids ain't moving, so that's out. Folks just aren't helping!

I have a different spin on the black male marriage crisis(TM). You guessed it- it's male privilege. Men are socialized to believe they are a prize, despite their actual qualities, while women are socialized to think that if they aren't in a relationship, it's something they are doing wrong. Men are told 'if you're not married, it's the women's fault- their standards are too high, they are too slutty, etc,etc." And like most human beings, they are going to take that out!

So, black men, this is how you can increase your marriageability. Don't buy into toxic masculinity. Being a decent human being isn't woman's work, it's everyone's work. Use a condom. The more kids you have by different women, the less your marriageability is. Trust me on this. And remember- monogamy. Unless you work out some sort of deal, monogamy is the default. Also, train your mind. Read a book once in a while, really, it's sexy. Speaking of sex, it's not just about you. Make sure your partner feels good too, and is enthusiastically consenting.

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