Thursday, April 08, 2010

I'm sure a lot of people will be bitching because half don't pay income tax. It never occurs to them that say, those people pay other taxes or the fact that their own tax bitching is why we constantly cut taxes here. Noooo! And dudes, just because you work doesn't mean you'll get a decent job. Even if you went to college, you probably won't be able to get work at all in this economy. And if you drove to your job on a public road, went to a public college, or a public school, ate food that was subject to public laws on not being contaminated, etc,etc, you got help from the government, so STFU. And if you're a poor innocent white male, get off your ass, go to fastweb and look for scholarships. Stop bitching. And yes, sometimes people have children. Even poor people. Suck it up. Why? Because those children, those poor, are part of our nation too.

One nation, indivisible. That includes everyone.

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