Monday, April 12, 2010

Procrastination Monday!

A good piece on rape culture! Folks will act like anything is consent, but only consent is consent. i.e. nudity ain't consent, eating expensive dinners ain't consent, existing in the same room as a man ain't consent, short skirts ain't consent...

We were told to get an education and play by the rules, now all we got is debt. Of course, for every celebrity that's getting paid, there's a thousand folks making a fool of themselves on tv for nothing.

Blergh, the same ol' one woman carps about femininity culture, and that's totally the same as the entire weight of the culture bullshit.

Old white dudes, you don't need to forward every email you see. No one needs to know you're a racist. Keep that to yourself.

Men bored with porn, start wanking it to facebook.

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