Thursday, April 01, 2010

trigger warning:

27 men and 1 teenage girl should be ashamed of themselves. Who 'buys' that sort of 'service'?
"Yea, you can rape my 7 year old sister!" "Oh yea! I'll totally do that instead of calling the police or at least someone I know who can stop this from happening!"

Also, college women are not believed when raped. Remember: if she's so drunk she's blacking out, don't sleep with her. You'll be a rapist. Do you want that? Probably not.


Josh Miller said...

That is pretty nuts (the first one). Never mind the whole stepsister selling her sister part (for now), It's crazy to think that she found so many people so quickly and apparenty easily to sell the sister to in the first place.

Actually I sometimes wonder just how many people you never see are more or less complete creeps who never leave their homes. I'm not talking socially inept or whatever, I mean like total creepy WTF types like the guys involved in this.

shannon said...

I think a lot of people you see just hide the fact that they are creepy WTF types.