Saturday, October 04, 2003

Two amusing anecdotes. There was this guy with a roommate that was a drug dealer. Some of the guys the roomie was dealing to decided to come over and take their stuff. They called to see if the roomie was home, and when he wasn't, they came over, tied this guy up with Ethernet cable(the only thing there was to tie him up with) and took his DVDs, CD and his roomie's safe. However, there is a good possibility these people will be caught by the police. The guy knows where they live.

Here's a nice Dragoncon anecdote. Several years ago, a girl I know was in Comic Artists' alley, and she had the best luck- Colleen Doran herself gave her a copy of a Distant Soil(ok, there was coffee spilled on it) But that was really cool- Colleen's like my idol.

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