Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This post is inspired by this pandagon post. Many people on the conservative side of the aisle may wonder why liberals question their motives. The thing you have to realize is that when your stated intent is very far away from what effect your actions can reasonably be expected to have, people start thinking that your stated intent is not your actual intent. For example, let's say I say to you "I'm going to become a doctor." but I never sign up for pre med classes or go to any of the other classes I am in. In fact, all I do is play Harvest Moon. Would you think I really wanted to be a doctor? It's the same thing when we see conservatives saying they aren't for punishing women, but putting the kibosh on programs to inform women about their bodies and to improve their reproductive health. Not to mention my pet peeve the whole getting rid of racism by saying my grand pappy didn't own slaves. You have to try to do things that would be reasonably expected to produce the result you claim you want before people will believe that you are honest.

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