Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm really enjoying Peach Girl. It is full of delectably wonderful misunderstandings, and unlike some anime, where the chracters just decide to run to the let's jump to conculsions mat for no apparent reason, it works because of the chracter of Sae, arch manipulator. Yes, Momo(our main chracter) knows she is being manipulated, and tries to struggle against Sae's plans, but Sae is very clever. That's another element that makes it worse- it'd be crazy if Momo never suspected her friend that seems to NEVER be honest. Of course some elements are hard for me to assimilate. For example, I never understand the anime troupe of OMG, KISSING!!!! I mean, I understand that younger girls watch the cartoon, even if the original manga does tend to darker themes(I want more of the manga, but that would cost money, and I'm saving up), but at 15 or so(the chracters seem to be in high school), kissing should be passe, you know? Also, part of the premise is hard to understand. Momo has light hair and tanned skin, thus making people think she dyes her hair and goes to tanning salons, and plays around with guys, but in the US, we don't have this cultural type at all. In the manga, Tokoypop tries to make it easier for us by saying people think she's a 'beach bunny', but of course, fansubs aren't really going to try to adapt it for us.

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