Monday, August 08, 2005

I think that the reason why minority conservatives tend to be mocked is quite simple. It's like an Irish Catholic joining the Know Nothings. A conservative platform is implicitly, and often explicitly, anti minority. Who is screaming about English only? When you hear someone stretching their mouth about how the 'real oppressed people' are white males who have to be polite and act like decent people, what part of the political spectrum are they from? Who screams and cries about how we need to waste time with ineffective racial profiling just to satisfy their lust for racial harrassment? Who makes excuses when a black person is shot in the street? Who acts like having Toni Morrison taught in school is the same as destroying western civilization? The conservative perspective implicitly sees white as superior- that's why all the call for "assimilate" and "don't make a fuss" i.e. be like whites, don't assert your right to personal dignity irrespective of attempts to be white.

Yes, you can hustle and make money off the fears of whites, but you lose respect in your community. How many of these sell outs are being elected to office? Mostly they are appointed, or shills(like Malkin herself). They can't have it both ways- either they can be part of their group or they can be individuals with no loyalty to anyone but themselves. They can't trade off group status if they want to align themselves against their group interest. The attempt is what gets them mocked.

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