Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blackfolk are on the attack. Color coded Katrina coverage leaves some hopping mad. This annoys me personally. It's just like a whole city just got destroyed, can't you give your racial bias a rest? And I don't care if they meant it or not. When this sort of crap comes out of you when you're not thinking about it, well, to me, that's more indicative of what you really think than what you say when you think you are being watched.

Another blogger writes an eloquent post on why black people are so damn 'sensitive'. It's not just this one thing that makes me mad- it's the everydayness of the bullshit. I'd not mind if like white people worked hard to fix the results of past racism and weren't racist, and then, one day, some guy bust out with the n word, and then they said sorry, and went back to their former hard working ways. But when you are just lazy all the time, and then do something like that, you're in for some serious rage. Speaking of that, here's the follow up post to the other post I cited. I like how she noted that you don't have to ignore the obvious to have a good discussion on racism. That's in fact why I say 'white people' as I'm well aware that if I divide whites into the good moral majority(in my experience the majority of whites are not actively fighting racism, in fact many of them seem to be actively helping it along) and the bad evil racists, everyone is going to think they are one of the good ones, even if they burned a cross on someone's lawn yesterday.

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