Sunday, August 21, 2005

Naturists show their photos of freedom. (warning: the nudity is non sexual, but they are still not wearing clothes) I think it's important to note that there are many different types of human body shapes. Nothing annoys me more than when a person acts shocked or appalled that there are *gasp* non hot women out there. And they don't all wear burqas to spare you the horror of seeing their flesh! I'm a bit geeky, and one thing that annoys me is the big OMG!!!!!!!! BOOTH BABES!!!!! crap that I sometimes see floating around. Note that IGN has a whole babes section. What the crap does that have to do with games? Not only do not just guys play video games, even if a hobby is dominated by one sex that doesn't mean they have to push scantly clad members of the opposite sex into everything. I mean, mainly women bead, but on beading websites, you don't see a hunks section. Bead and Button doesn't have Mr Bead and Button complete with speedo contest. If a man joins a female dominated hobby, it's like "cool, a man", but if a woman joins a male dominated hobby, it's all "well, is she hot?" As if it's not your interest or dedication, but whether you have enhanced tatas. I think the whole booth babes phenomena underlines this- the women being celebrated on gaming sites are not women who program games, review them or win tournaments, but some random women who fit a certain beauty standard. It makes the regular women who actually care about games seem invisible. And that's just sad.

In other news, whiny whites: people think you are stupid.

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