Thursday, April 17, 2003

Yes, mental torture does cause mental illness. To morons who think mental cruelty is just a 'few insults'. No, it is not. It's being insulted over and over for years. It's being exculded wthout mercy, being treated like you are subhuman and just being shat on from a high height. You can't beat up a bully- YOU'RE GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE, NOT THE BULLY. Not to mention, you'd get beat up, but zero tolerence only works against victims, and for bullies. The bullies aren't going to stop their cruelty and now you can't even choke the bully on the hall floor. People who are 25 and 30 crack from mental cruelty, and you expect a 12 year old to pretend it doesn't matter?

Although, it is somewhat better then because at least you can pretend bullies will ultimately fall. But I think bullies just keep doing it for the rest of their lives, spreading mental illness and disabilty like noone's buisness. I think bullies should be shot. I mean, it's THIER mental problem, not the victims. Why would you sacrifice someone who is decent for the sake of someone whose only use in life is causing suicide? So all you sticks and stoners, do me a favor, put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

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