Thursday, April 17, 2003

Just a story on how Bush is undermining women's reproductive health. I don't get why politicians are always so against women making their own choices. It's almost like they want people to suffer. I mean, it's all well and good to feel morally superior, I enjoy a good bout of moral superiority in the morning, but if you have to endorse needless suffering because you wanna feel superior, what's the point?

I'm not saying you have to like a woman having a right to decide what to do with her body, but come on, if it was up to some of these loonies, we'd be fucked if the condom broke or even if the pill failed. They may say no premarital sex, but it's not like even married women can afford to keep popping out babies like it is nobodies' business, the culture has changed, and the days of four and five children households, well, that's craziness. Actually some think we shouldn't be using the pill at all, but that's too crazy to be creditable. Hardcore Catholics may disagree, but..

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