Thursday, April 24, 2003

Today I got all the mail that has been saved up for weeks it seems- a contributor
's agreement thingie from New Moon (wish me luck on the article writing!), a payment notification thing from my job ($16 wooo!), a Victoria's Secret catalog (how did that get in there?) and Happy Mania, a funny manga about a flake who is often used for sex. Not the best manga in the world, but I want to see the second one, so it was pretty good.

I like how our heroine doesn't have to be a good role model here. While most of us understand intellectually that a guy isn't going to be better just because he's hot, it takes the rest of our bodies some time to catch up to our brains. I remember being asked by some silly sisters if the guy I was going on a date with was hot, first question out of their mouths. I just said no, to confuse their pea brained perceptions. The sad part is that we're in college, not high school.

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