Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You know, I was thinking about the AA question again. And you know, I always thought the whining was to bar blacks from jobs. This viewpoint probably came about since I have been around whites since childhood. You see, just in a population, some people are going to be smart, and others are going to be stupid. So I was able to see that white people vary in smartness and stupidity. When I was a child, I was always one of the smart people in the class- i.e. I'd be smarter than a great majority of the white kids. This is why you don't see me say "maybe white people are just better" because they always seemed like the regular type of people to me, with different ranges of ability.

So the basic premise of much of the AA whining, that whites are automatically better at jobs makes no sense to me. Why do I say that is the premise? Because they always jump in with "unqualified", meaning either all blacks are somehow unqualified or whites are all better or there's a different yard stick for whites and blacks. Because seriously, some whites just aren't qualified. They are lazy, and bad at their jobs. Even if you thought all blacks were like that(untrue), what would be the difference if you stuck a white person that was bad at their job or a black person who was bad at their job? Or do they somehow think that being white makes you good at your job?

Didn't they hear about Worldcom and how the CEO was all like fraud? what fraud? I know nothing about how to do my job! And this guy was at the top- imagine what it's like at the bottom. Also, how could all blacks be unqualified? I guess because I'm not racist, I can't see the substrate for saying that all blacks are unqualified except for a few tokens. It's really hard to penetrate other people's worldviews, but there have been changes in black achievement over the years, with a boom in college attendance and graduation rates. Did we all suddenly get smarter?

Of course, the problem of expecting all blacks to be better than all whites just to get in is why I think that the whole whining thing is just because they don't want us in schools or jobs, but want to scream at us if we aren't. I don't see why skin color should make you have to be better to get the same job. If you have dark skin, all the sudden you have to be some big hero? Someone said that equality will have come when mediocre blacks were at the top in the same proportion as mediocre whites. If you believe in equality, then you shouldn't make a big deal about qualifications when a black person comes in, and then say well you look trainable when a white person comes in.

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