Wednesday, April 20, 2005

oooh oohhh...can we also put a moratorium on "omg i grew up in the suburbs and people say i talk white and i only have white friends and i don't feel comfortable around most black people and why don't i fit in anywhere" posts?

we get it. you're so different from the rest of us. you secretly enjoy being the token. you're not the "average" black person. you don't like bet or hip-hop and you don't split your infinitives. congratulations. now please don't post about it here every again

Yea, that's my pet peeve. Yea, I talk white and am from the suburbs. But I don't think this makes me a special black person. I'd rather be able to talk dialect and standard, and I'd also like to speak spanish. Being able to only speak one way is sort of uncomfortable- you don't have as many tools in your toolbox. I don't think I am different from other black people, because I don't buy into what the media says a black person is.

I basically tend to gravitate to black writing, because I like to write and I like to read about black people. So I see many different lives and types of black folks portrayed. Also, when I came to college, I have been able to meet many different types of black people, so I don't see it as one group of people who are all the same. We're one group that's all different. We're like America. America's got Asians, it's got whites, it's got Hispanics, Arabs, native Americans, black people and anyone I forgot, but it's all one country.

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