Monday, April 11, 2005

Here's a post with examples of African writing systems. I have a 15 page paper on used clothing in Africa due on Tuesday, so I'm screwed. But this post is a beautiful example of what people can learn if they actually try to learn things. Why do I keep pushing this message? Because you can only be taught so much if you go by what is pushed on you to learn, but if you try to learn things for yourself, seek out sources, try to find knowledge- what you can find out can be infinite.

I think if you learn the truth about things, you can be free. Ignorance- I feel that it's a prison- causing you to denigrate things you know nothing about. Of course, I have different motives- since I'm still 'becoming' black, I am differentiating myself from whites, and one big thing I have noticed is the fact that they are unrestrained in talking about things they know nothing about. Like they insist the confederate flag was for heritage not hate, even though it was flown above capitals to show their resistance to integration in living memory, and even farther back, they could have noticed that the battle flag was used by the KKK while they were being violent assholes.

A little bit of research before automatically thinking that blacks are wrong or overreacting would stead them well. I say white people, I mean it- I ain't your mammy. You can't deal? Grow up, read a book.

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