Friday, April 29, 2005

And while I was reading my comments, I saw another blog, and read it, just because I hate doing work so bad. So I'll reply to the first two posts in this section. The one about the vast white wing conspiracy really caught my eye because it reminded me of the time that I pointed a blind guy down the hallway just because I had assumed he was seeing. Also, of discussions of colorism in Africa class(on Thurs, we got ethiopian food! It was awesome) I always felt like what do I know? I'm light skinned. Like we all have big blind spots, and you have to sort of look in your side mirror instead of pretending that side mirrors don't exist and your vision is just fine

The post she refers to in her post about whites manufacturing idenity reminded me of when I went to Milwaukee and Chicago I joked about all the multiculturalism, you know, Irish stuff,polish stuff,etc. This guy who was heritiged polish and Norwegian, but I always just am like white person due to southerness talked about how certain ethnic groups might have grouped together a little bit. Like one part may have been historically where the polish people lived. I thought hmmm. Interesting.

I don't really mind white ethnic identities because being Polish is about a lot more than oppressing some black dude, but whiteness? it seems to have a blank quality to it.

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