Friday, April 22, 2005

A bunch of dumb ass whiny whites are made fun of at feministe. This reminds me of my mom's theory that white people are secretly scared that we'll do to them what they do/did to us. I think we are rather too kind to do that, as they'd all be dead if we did half of that. I'm sorry, but if you think not having all the spots reserved for you is discrimination, you're a giant fucking pussy. I think it pisses me off because I just feel like some folks just need to get over themselves.

With all the progress they cite when making excuses not to do anything, maybe they should get used to this idea- they aren't better or more important than anyone else. Yea, you got pale skin, and you're probably descended from people who murdered and stole to get nearly all of the resources in this country and hand them down in perpetuity. But when a great wrong is committed, it doesn't disappear. You can't just say "a great wrong was committed, let's forget that it ever happened". No, you have to make it right.

You must value all children, all women, all men. You can't afford to throw away anyone to rot, because that rot will smell up the entire society. You must find out the ways that our nation was damaged and put it back together again. You may even pioneer new ideas to fix the great rifts we have in our society. And you certainly can't do it by running around in hysterics about white baybees or whatever the fuck.

Another note, slightly unrelated, I hate it when whites whine about self segregation on campus. Have they tried to join a non white group? I mean, there are many activities they put out that you can join in, even if you're not a member. I mean, our Filipino organization was advertising dropping in and eating delicious desserts, for heaven's sake. It wouldn't even hurt their fee fees. They could talk more to their non white classmates, they could join or create clubs to promote cross racial unity. I may talk to many races of people on campus, but minorities tend to be minorities on campus, and so us talking to many different races of people may not serve to integrate the school as much.

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