Tuesday, April 19, 2005

THANK YOU. One of the reasons I never want a room mate ever again was that I was bitched out at for not smiling by my last one. In my own space, I want room not to smile! I often think my personality would be better received if I were a guy. We can all imagine angry cynical passionate guys that we love. But women are always being told to lighten up or not make a big deal out of things that might kill us. "Oh, being forced to have a baby you don't want just because it might kill you isn't so bad, look on the bright side, there are women aborting in China" and that's ridiculous. I have been told I am crazy because I get angry when people in effect insult me and my entire family, and try to fuck them over. I can't be cool or happy or whatever when someone does something so unjust and so terrible. I think it's a luxury to be able to think you're above it all, and can't get hurt. Because in the real world, some of us know the reality- that we can, and will get hurt.

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