Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm so frustrated and angry I could just burst. Now, I could see if they said we weren't allowed to pee, but roughly shoving people aside because they went out of a venue to pee, and needed to get the book they had used to save their seat isn't ok at all. So I have lost a $16 book, and my favorite bookmark, as well as a free concert by the Fiery Furnances(sp?), because of incompetent bitches. Why don't I blame this on myself? Well, there was nothing that said that you were not allowed to go out to pee. No one said "no reentry" in the 45 minutes I had sat there. So fuck you WMRE bitches, I hope you get very painful STDs. This is one of the reasons I hate the stupid petty incompetent people that gatekeep things. I hope they all get their due.

While this problem is very minor compared to infertility, I'd like to take a page out of infertile blogs and say, I only want supportative comments. Why do I say that? Because on even sensitive issues like racism, you can have a debate, you can see different sides, even if your side is wrong. But on this one, I was there, and you weren't. So STFU.

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