Sunday, October 31, 2004

It's Halloween. Yesterday I went to a party, and I swear they had the most dangerous party games ever. I'm a sheltered girl, but somehow I don't think knifing a plastic bag off a broom is the safest game, neither is drunken sword fighting.

Also, in other news, I think that many young republicans are pussies. Like what happened to the normal ones? I'm against kicking people just because they have offensive shirts, but I bet this guy was a douche. Of course all the republicans my age I am around are all really rich white people, so that may skew the results. Like you know, you get a certain sense of entitlement, combined with the republican philosophy, and you get megadouches. The kind of people who will whine if they don't get Sean Hannity as a text in calculus, or how not getting money for the same idiot to speak twice is oppression or whatever. Of course, I'm sure young liberals can be just as annoying, but the ones around here will just like make robots out of trash or Bush out of paper mache. They also aren't trying to fuck over women, children or black people.

Here's a sad story about a marine snapping. This guy strangely enough hadn't even been over there, but he went crazy and tried to kill his g/f for no reason(well, she wanted to vote for Kerry, but I really hate Bush, and think it's merely ill advised to vote for him, not a killing offense) It's strange how people can go insane so easily. I'm not clever enough to pop psych it out for you, so I'll leave that to you.

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