Sunday, October 24, 2004

Also, green tea and ginger ice cream is pretty ok, except for large pieces of ginger of course.

While I'm typing on the internet, I know very little about elegant gothic lolita style. However, I have noticed three trends that are probably totally wrong. Some people are Japanese brand purists and buy straight from Japan. They are rewarded for their wallet fortitude by having great stuff like this. Others are handmade Lolitas who like to make their own clothes. This to a person who can't even sew a simple skirt, is a miracle of awesomeness. Others like to collect American pieces that suggest the style.

I am the last one, as I am not as much interested in a pure style as another fun element I can add to my own. It is strange for me to go into an fashion obsession cycle in the fall/winter. Usually in the summer, I become interested in clothes, and in the fall/winter I'm more worried about keeping warm. However, it is nearly November, and I walked around in a t shirt today, so maybe it's the weather.

I'm getting more interested in stockings and arm warmers because you can wear cute summer fashions and cover your limbs that way. At least in principle. I wonder what people do up North, how do they even live when it's so cold?

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