Friday, June 27, 2003

There seems to be nothing that isn't sold back to us nowadays. Pepsi trumpets 'being you' and champion (I don't know the name of this company, it's an underwear company) has a commercial about being a champion in your own eyes. It sort of undermines the whole message since you know you are just being manipulated into buying stuff.

There's no real rebellion nowadays-nothing that really comes from the heart-just stuff that is bought and sold. Some people say "well, there's p2p, we're so rebellious!", however, that's not rebellion-people are still downloading the same old crap, the same old dull ideas just for free, instead of paying for it.

Even I don't have any original ideas. All of this spiel has not been terribly original, nor has it been presented in a new revolutionary way. Then again, it is not like anyone reads this, so I can entertain myself anytime I like.

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