Saturday, June 07, 2003

Here is an article on magical negroes. Some people may be complaining- they made us have black characters in movies, and now they want them to have actual character traits beyond one or two? Oh the horror! The problem about diversity in films is that it has to not just be for the sake of putting in a black, you have to give him a life, a family, a community. No man is an island. There are no randomly black kids flown in from Mars apparently, as they are the only black people in the movie. Yes, it would take work, research and thought to craft minority characterizations that are as fleshed out and compelling as the whites' characterizations, but I think the top writers in Hollywood are able to think on that deeper level, even if they don't want to.

Another race based site is I like this site because it comes at the problem head on. It doesn't dance around it with fancy phrases, it says "I'm not your little flower toy, so fuck off!"

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