Saturday, June 14, 2003

A lot of good fun today, as a company expresses interest in getting Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared out on DVD. It's good to see quality getting a new life on DVD, since I don't really like to watch TV. It's only on at the time they want it to be on, and I want to be entertained whenever, which is why DVD is more convenient for me. Whenever I get in the mood, I can just pop it in.

Also, on DVD, a good show can be archived years after its cancellation. For example, My So Called Life is one of the best example for future TV writers on how to write a minority character. They didn't pretend Ricky was just a white guy in a different skin color, yet he didn't go around saying "Look at me, I'm a wacky minority here to spice up your life". Ricky's story was treated with the same dignity and respect as the story of all the other characters, which is really hard to do with today's social climate, let alone how TV studios are.

Also, a blog details the funny things people say on amazon reader reviews. It's lots of fun when the whole nation gets together to type their poorly written and edited opinion. Of course, you could say that about blogs too, but since I'm doing it, it's cool.

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