Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I just watched a very good documentary on gay adoption on PBS. It didn't gloss over the problems-the desire of some of the children for mothers, the lack of child friendly places in say, the Castro, and adopting cross racially. On that specific issue, I am amazed at the maturity of the film on this. It acknowledged that yes, love isn't going to erase hundreds of years of prejudice, but still has a hopeful tone that maybe things can be worked out.

The smaller ambiguities and troubles were also well presented. I never have thought of the trouble that a guy who has grown up lip synching to Judy Garland would have raising a jock, or the worries they might have if he took to women's shoes, but both issues were raised without being smarmy. I don't watch much TV, so I am surprised when I find something that embraces complexity.

Most Americans live in a simple world it seems. Either this is right or it isn't. We have a two party system which tends to divide us right down the middle, and the dominant philosophies nowadays don't leave much room for ambiguity. So TV also carries that attitude.

It's either the whiny liberal Democrats with their special pork barrel programs or the greedy Republicans that are about to put us all out of doors after they cause world war three. Moderates don't get much airplay. I guess ratings aren't as high for moderates, and the media is a business, but that's pretty crazy.

These new FCC guidelines are a bit worrying to me, because I don't want to live in a country where all news is filtered through one company, instead of the two or three now.

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