Sunday, June 29, 2003

I watched an old Audrey Hepburn movie today. I really like old movies. You get the illusion that the movie was made just to be a movie, not a vehicle for product placement, commercials and soundtracks. I'm sure there were plenty of movie stars hawking this or that product, but since I don't see it, I still have the illusion that it's there to tell a story.

It's the same with anime. Overseas, they make mad cash on the merchandising, but since I don't see Oh My Goddess toys at the Happy Meal window, I can ignore that. I don't know why blatant merchandising annoys me, truthfully. I think it is because it sometimes detracts from the story. For example, if in a beautiful scene, some schmaltzy rap song cuts in just to they can put that song on the soundtrack and sell to the masses, that detracts from the movie.

I know I want quality entertainment and that doesn't come for free, but you can do a great movie on less than a million. (a lot of money for the regular Joe, but nothing for a movie studio) and really entertain without putting in all this other junk. Although I submit I am grossly ignorant of the movie making process. Just another random gal passing through, I guess.

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