Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Man, people should know better nowadays. Animejunkie needs to get off of its high horse. There wouldn't be anything to sub if companies didn't produce anime(Urban Vision coproduced it, it's their stuff!) If you're just a parasite, don't think you're the whole show. Digisubbers, you're just a stop gap til we can get real DVDs into the marketplace.I know it's fashionable to act like all this stuff you're ripping off just magically regenerates, but it's not like that. Anime is a bit harder to defend because it's not a one person in the basement with their banjo affair. It takes time, talent, energy and money, not just a Japanese dictionary and a bad attitude.

And on a lighter note, animenewsnetwork shows us how to review an anime. Instead of merely saying "This was crap, only diehards need apply". It tells us why the reviewer didn't like it, and gives examples. If anime fans want to make their fandom seem less like the providence of little boys and more of a mature fandom, they need to learn how to express themselves. It's so funni!!!! may be well and good for a 12 year old, but by the time you're pushing 14, you better be able to at least express your self in complete sentences, and try to use mostly correct grammar. Also, remind yourself of why you review- it's because people won't go into purchases blind, right? However, being vague doesn't help because most anime is cute, and funny is different for everyone.

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