Saturday, June 28, 2003

It is really too bad that people continue to blame suicide on online groups instead of being the hard work and figuring out why these people were suicidal in the first place. People seek out ways to commit suicide when they are suicidal, they don't become suicidal because people told them it was cool. Some people may say that the mindset convinced them that were wavering on the edge to plunge over.

A problem with that is that you don't know what will cause that last straw, it can be your platitude about how they are terrible people for being depressed for all you know. I am aware that it is easier to blame and that grief's hard work and people tend not to be at their best during the grieving process. However, I hope that noone should have to die in vain. Just blaming removes our opportunity to change something to make suicide less prevalent. There could be more support, less stigma around depression, but instead we will get maybe a few more laws that don't do anything to help, and everyone will go back to their complacency.

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