Saturday, March 01, 2003

Taking time out from my busy schedule (I'm moving tomorrow!) to note that Iraq has started destroying its missiles. But it seems that Bush just won't be satisfied with compliance with the UN's demands! Dude, don't front, just say that you want a war just to have one.

Pretty-ugly girls suck. I wish that I could find a good realistic depiction of teenage life in Hollywood more often. I don't want to see dream fantasies about how if us ugly folks just change our hair and put on a bit of makeup, all our dreams (and not even very interesting dreams) will come true.

What sort of message is this sending? Oh, you may be ugly, but it doesn't matter, buy some products and everything will be just fine? What's wrong with a society where the answer to high school problems is not hard work or perseverance, but products? Also, the whole fantasy is dependant on a guy. The message isn't "Become a great person and guys will love you for it", it's "Wait til some dude comes along to make you over". I think the becoming a more self confident person with skills would be a better thing to show young teens than that, but it wouldn't sell as many products would it?

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