Monday, March 17, 2003

I'm back from Spring Break!

Subway Series is a cool comic about our protagonist Tina discovering her freedom to be fucking tense. Yes, there are some fucked up relationships, but the moment of enlightenment for me is when she says, �I love being tense� We�re all supposed to be such fun lovers. We�re supposed to lighten up, loosen up, relax, and etc, etc, etc. However, here Tina is accepting her tenseness. She�s not letting others make her feel bad about being tense.

A lot of the time, it�s very easy to feel bad because others judge you. Earlier, Tina and her friend were in an art gallery looking at a picture of a rotund woman. Tina was marveling at how fleshy she was, and her friend was just that�s what a woman looks like. This simple scene says a lot about how Tina�s head was so filled with what society tries to say to everyone. Tina�s not a stick figure, she�s got an �ass like a thousand bulldozers� according to one of her �friends�, but still she is surprised even at the basic level of seeing a woman of normal size.

Subway Series doesn�t give some huge cosmic revelation at the end. In fact, this whole thing is just my interpretation. I�m sure there are as many interpretations as readers.

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