Monday, March 24, 2003

Totally obvious flash of insight for today. People aren't standard. They have different reactions to the same thing. For some people, having a shitload of work, and not enough time to do it in is immensely stressful. Some people will attempt to do all the work, some will do only the most important one, some will procrastinate, some will angst, some will keep it quiet, but lash out later.

Just because people have a shared experience does not mean that it is the same for others, or that you can expect them to have the same reaction to them as you. So before you say "BUT everyone else is working full-time and fighting off the Nazis and liberating Iraq and studying for the MCAT and getting all their calculus right on the first try and writing ten 20 page essays to be read by the president and being an intern at the White House while giving candy to orphans and tutoring them in long division, so why aren't you being cheerful right now?" I would advise you to stuff that thought up your ass, OK?

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