Monday, March 03, 2003

Moved into my new room. Lots of stuff was left behind it seems. There were some handy items like a lot of milk crate like book shelves, and a power strip. However, there were a lot of strange items in what I had assumed was a trash can filled with trash. I dumped the Kix, chips (lots of cheetos there), candy, monistat, and the feminine cleansing cloths. Just in case you need to clean your cunt on the go, because we all know that vaginas smell just so horrible!

(Actually, to tell the truth, if your vagina smells like fish, well, it may be time to go for a gynecologist check up. That odor may be a sign of infection)

I kept some calcium chews, about a hundred panty liners and a zillion Q tips. The other trash can had trash and office supplies. I retained a sparkly pencil and a highlighter. Today was satisfying. Although I had no free time from 7:45 to around 4:50, I managed to get calc tutoring, go to the soc symposium, do my Japanese test, learn that Episcopalians can have women priests and do my 'job' (i.e. tutoring kids) Luckily I tutored in reading today. I hate tutoring math.

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