Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I'm pretty worried about my hair lately. I must get it done, but finding a black hair salon close and affordable seems a bit worrying. One of my pet peeves is that certain groups of people do not understand that black hair needs special care. They think black hair is actually naturally straight, and behaves like European hair. WRONG, my ignorant members of other ethnic groups!

While aware that actually knowing something about people from another ethnic group is just too hard for some, it's pretty annoying. I mean, broaden your horizons, people of a certain ethnic group! Come on, ignorance isn't cute, it isn't funny. When you display your colossal ignorance, you make yourself a target for being laughed at behind your back. So don't be a dumbass!

Although, a lot of other groups tend to be a bit whitewashed in classes. I had a good history teacher and thus had to do a report on African civilization, but if I was in the regular class, I wouldn't have known this at all. I remember an incident in high school in which we were talking about the fact that AP history students had to read a book about women's history. A girl from the regular track was like women haven't done anything, the book is going to be like two pages long. However, the actual book was about three hundred pages.

Then again, even pompous asses like me don't know everything. For example, I didn't know Ida B Wells was a sociologist(her Red Record recorded infomation on the social problem of lynching) or that W.E.B. Dubois had published a book length sociological study of blacks called "The Philadelphia Negro". However, I actually do try to learn something from time to time, unlike some people. Assuming that only one culture can do anything important isn't really a very useful way to see the world. We need to incorporate lessons from all histories to really make sense of what was going on.

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